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Retail Service Station Installations

The heart of every retail service station and convenience store is the safe storage and distribution of fuel inside the underground fuel tanks and associated piping, pump and dispensing systems. SCE Engineering professionally designs and installs retail service station installations to the highest industry standards and latest regulations, ensuring safe, efficient and reliable operations at your retail service station. The SCE Engineering multi-disciplined team of highly-skilled and highly-experienced professionals can install tanks of all sizes in all types of climates and environments.

They will overcome any challenge in order to efficiently and effectively execute the most highly complex of projects.


SCE Engineering has become an industry leader in both the removal and the installation, maintenance and upgrading of Retail Fuel Service Stations across the petroleum industry.

Services On Offer

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Tank Cleaning/Removal

  • Service Station Construction

  • Service Station Maintenance

  • Piping System Fabrication

  • AST/UST Installation

  • Pressure Equipment AIA Inspections

  • Tank Upgrades

  • Automatic Tank Gauging Installations

  • Fuel Dispenser Upgrades

  • Tank Testing & Compliance

  • Oil Water Separators


If your USTs have suffered damage due to environmental conditions, or are showing signs of decay and possible contamination or require full removal of your tank system to make way for a new installation, SCE Engineering provides a full turnkey UST decommissioning solution:


- Environmental Impact Assessments
- Underground Tank Cleaning
- Remediation of Contaminated Ground
- Underground Tank Disposal

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